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Moneyball (1 series, 8 episodes)

Hosted by football legend Ian Wright, Moneyball is an exciting prime time game show where the difference between winning life-changing money and going home with nothing rests entirely on the roll of a ball.

Sitting on a Fortune
Sitting on a Fortune (1 series, 8 episodes)

Gary Lineker hosts a unique new high stakes, high tension game show, Sitting On A Fortune, in which players could win up to £100,000. Who will find themselves in the perfect place at the perfect time for the chance to take home a life changing prize?

Beat the Chasers
Beat the Chasers (4 series, 26 episodes)

Bradley Walsh returns to host as quizzers put their skills to the ultimate test for those big-money prizes. It’s edge-of-your-seat play as questions swap from contestant to the Chasers. Get a question wrong and their individual or team clock keeps counting down until a question is answered correctly. First to run out of time loses the game. Will anyone dare to try and beat all of the Chasers?

Billie and Greg: The Family Diaries
Billie and Greg: The Family Diaries (1 series, 7 episodes)

In a new chapter for Billie, Greg, Nelly and Arthur, the family's escapades step up a gear as Billie and Greg get stuck into their dream home renovation project, as well as juggling work commitments and the challenges of raising Nelly and Arthur.

Jess Wright: The Wedding
Jess Wright: The Wedding (1x 90min)

Jess Wright: The Wedding chronicles Jess and her fiancee William Lee Kemp’s journey to the altar as they set about staging their dream wedding, a star studded event on the paradise island of Mallorca.

Winning Combination
Winning Combination (2 series, 50 episodes)

Daytime quiz show, presented by actor and comedian Omid Djalili, in which contestants battle one another to get to the final, to earn the chance to take home the prize pot.

Iain Stirling's Celebability (5 series - 36 episodes)

Iain Stirling is joined by new team captain Scarlett Moffatt as three friends take on five celebrities in a series of hilarious rounds, all based on the unusual skills the celebrities believe they possess.

Sam and Billie the Mummy Diaries
Sam and Billie: The Mummy Diaries (9 series, 65 episodes)

Sam Faiers once again teams up with sister Billie for the fourth instalment of The Mummy Diaries - Sam & Billie Faiers: The Mummy Diaries.
In the eight part series the sisters plan for Billie and Greg's big day - from finding the wedding dress to going on the hen party in Ibiza but things get difficult when Greg's many stag dos cause family tensions. Sam is back to work juggling business with breastfeeding baby daughter Rosie, Sam and Paul are getting their dream mansion in Hertfordshire ready for Summer and with Billie's hen do in sight, Sam is trying to get her body back after baby number 2.

Ferne McCann: First Time Mum
Ferne McCann: First Time Mum (7 Series - 26 episodes, ITVBe)

One-off documentary following the reality TV star as she prepares for her biggest challenge yet - motherhood. How will she deal with pregnancy in the midst of a media storm?

Breaking the Band
Breaking the Band (1 series - 6 episodes, Reelz)

Breaking the Band shows the battling egos, power struggles and inter-band rivalries. From crippling drug addictions to scandalous affairs Breaking the Band uncovers the incredible true stories by recreating the key moments the cameras missed in addition to using rare band interviews and off-stage footage to piece together each dramatic tale.

My Favourite Sketch
My Favourite Sketch (1 series - 6 episodes, Gold)

In each episode Sally is joined by a very special guest as they guide us through the perfect playlist of the sketches that have inspired and shaped their career. Interspersed with fascinating anecdotes, insights, and behind the scenes information about their chosen sketches, the journey is a very special one.

Paddington Station 24/7
Paddington Station 24/7 (2 Series - 28 Episodes, Channel 5)

Step aboard for a unique insight into one of the UK’s busiest train stations, as this fascinating observational documentary goes behind the scenes at London’s Paddington during what was one of its busiest summers yet.

An Hour to Catch a Killer
An Hour to Catch a Killer (1x60min, ITV)

This primetime documentary follows specialist detectives from a UK homicide unit and their supporting multiagency team within the ‘Golden Hour’, the name police give to a critical window of time that is vital to solving murder cases.

Cannonball (8x60min, ITV)

Freddie Flintoff hosts this brand new adrenaline-fuelled game show that sees contestants face a host of incredible inflatable obstacles and water-based challenges.Co-presented by Frankie Bridge, Radzi Chinyanganya, Maya Jama and Ryan Hand.

The Prince Story: Icon, Genius... Slave
The Prince Story: Icon, Genius... Slave (90min, Channel 5)

From troubled childhood to the death of his son. Who was the man behind the symbol?

Devon and Cornwall Cops
Devon and Cornwall Cops (4x30min, ITV)

Documentary following the work of officers in the two counties over a summer as they cover the largest police force area in England.

Inside King's Cross: The Railway
Inside King's Cross: The Railway (4x60min, Channel 5)

Documentary going behind the scenes at the London transport hub, meeting the army of workers who keep this vital network running.

The Michael Jackson Story: Man in the Mirror
The Michael Jackson Story: Man in the Mirror (90min, Channel 5)

Biopic. Tracing Michael Jackson's extraordinary life, from his humble beginnings and meteoric rise to global pop domination, to his demise with the allegations of child molestation in one of America's most notorious court cases.

The Freddie Mercury Story: Who Wants to Live Forever?
The Freddie Mercury Story: Who Wants to Live Forever? (90min, Channel 5)

The true story of the two years that changed the Queen front man's life.

Go For It
Go For It (6 x 60min, ITV)

Hosted by Stephen Mulhern, Go For It aims to discover the weirdest and most unique skills that our nation has to offer. Each show will put these unbelievable and quirky skills to the test, will they make the nation gasp, laugh or just shock them into silence?! Each of the challengers will get the chance to show off to the nation and get £1000 in cash if they successfully complete their unusual skill on air.

In the Shadow of Mary Seacole
In the Shadow of Mary Seacole (1 x 60min, ITV)

David Harewood (star of Homeland and The Night Manager) embarks on a very personal, three year journey across Britain, Jamaica and Crimea following the creation of a major new statue of a woman who has always been a heroine of his, Mary Seacole - first statue of a historical figure who was a woman of colour to be erected in Britain.

Paul O'Grady: The Sally Army and Me
Paul O'Grady: The Sally Army and Me (1 Series - 6 Episodes, BBC One)

Paul O'Grady has been interested in the Salvation Army since childhood. Coinciding with their 150th anniversary, Paul, formerly a care worker, gets hands-on and immerses himself in their charitable projects.

Karen Carpenter: Goodbye to Love
Karen Carpenter: Goodbye to Love (1 x 1 hours, Channel 5)

Drama about the life and problems of Karen Carpenter, one half of the 1970s brother-and-sister pop act. Supported by testimony from both close friends and Carpenters insiders, including her lovers, close advisers and an exclusive interview with Dionne Warwick, it digs deep into Karen’s often difficult and complex relationships.

Whitney and Bobby: Addicted to Love
Whitney and Bobby: Addicted to Love (1 x 2 hours, Channel 5)

Docudrama that delves into the iconic singer’s public and private life through revealing insight from those who surrounded Whitney including her publicist Kenneth Reynolds, bodyguard Alan Jacobs and band mates Wayne Linsey and Kirk Whalum, Arista Records’ Gerry Griffith and friend Jermaine Jackson who share their personal stories and thoughts on Whitney’s astonishing story of success and excess.

Sam Faiers: Baby Diaries
Sam Faiers: Baby Diaries (One Off, ITVBe)

After a 15-month whirlwind romance, much-loved TOWIE celeb Sam Faiers and her partner Paul Knightly have been blessed with the pitter-patter of tiny feet. In this tell-all reality show, Sam is exclusively inviting ITVBe viewers to join her for this unforgettable journey into motherhood. From baby scans; birthing classes and the swanky baby shower, to coping with a newborn; breastfeeding and general lack of sleep.

Pop Gold
Pop Gold (8 x 60min, ITV)

For three generations ITV has broadcast performances by some of the planet’s most incredible musical artists. Many were only screened once before being bundled into the ITV archives. Pop Gold breathes new life into some of the most incredible music performances ever shown on UK television.

Blue Go Mad In Ibiza
Blue Go Mad In Ibiza (1 Series - 4 Episodes, ITV2)

Pop stars Duncan, Simon, Lee and Antony rise to the challenge of working in a beachfront bar in Ibiza’s favourite party destination, San Antonio. Unbeknown to the band their ‘staff’ and acquaintances are actors and comedians, whose deliberately outlandish comical creations are contrived to cause mischief and make their two weeks in Ibiza a stay they’ll never forget!

I Never Knew That About Britain
I Never Knew That About Britain (1 Series - 6 Episodes, ITV)

Travelling the length of the British Isles via modes of transport, I Never Knew That About Britain explores Britain’s rich and surprising history, unearthing eccentric characters and stories from Britain’s past and celebrating some of the greatest technological, artistic, scientific and political achievements of the British people. Paul Martin is joined by Steve Mould, who looks at scientific stories and Suzannah Lipscomb, who investigates historic stories.

Fearne & ...
Fearne & ... (4 Series - 10 Episodes, ITV2)

Passionate autobiography fan Fearne Cotton takes us to unprecedented access to the professional and personal lives of high profile personalities often hitting our headlines. In every episode, Fearne goes out on a quest to find out more about the real lives behind the public personas and tabloid images of stars like McBusted, Paris Hilton, Alesha Dixon, James Blunt, Peaches Geldoff and Craig David.

The Big "Christams" Reunion: Text Santa Special
The Big "Christmas" Reunion: Text Santa Special (One-off, ITV and ITV2)

After the huge success of their reunion, Blue, Atomic Kitten, 5ive Honeyz, B*Witched, 911 and Liberty X get together once more for their cover of “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday” as part of the Text Santa initiative.

Britain's Secret Treasures
Britain's Secret Treasures (2 Series - 14 Episodes, ITV)

Award-winning journalist Michael Buerk and leading historian and broadcaster Bettany Hughes are joined by a host of guest presenters to uncover a fresh hoard of extraordinary objects found by ordinary people that have changed our understanding of British history.

Britain's Secret Homes
Britain's Secret Homes (1 Series - 5 Episodes, ITV)

Michael Buerk and Bettany Hughes are joined by a range of contributors and experts to count down the top 50 secret homes in Britain. Each of the homes tells an extraordinary story about who we are as a nation and how we once lived. From cottages to council houses, bungalows to palaces, some of the most significant homes in our country remain relatively unknown to the public. But all these extraordinary places have borne witness to key moments in our nation’s history.

Four Weddings
Four Weddings (4 Series - 10+13+18+13 54 Episodes, SKY Living)

What happens when four brides with four totally different styles agree to attend and judge one another's weddings? It's a competition with only one winner - and the prize at stake is a fabulous honeymoon!

Paddy's TV Guide
Paddy's TV Guide (1 Series - 8 Episodes, Channel 4)

Paddy McGuinness hosts this comedy series from his glamorous Bolton pad, guiding viewers through the good, bad and ugly world of television from his 10-foot plasma TV. Recorded on his “Paddy Player”, the show includes some TV gold from his unique footage with archive gems and rarely seen clips.

Surprise Surprise
Surprise Surprise (1 Series - 6 Episodes, ITV)

After a 11-year hiatus we brought the heart-warming show back to the telly. Hosted by Holly Willoughby, the show rewards the country’s most extraordinary people with spectacular surprises.

Steps On The Road Again
Steps On The Road Again (1 Series - 6 Episodes, SKY Living)

After a successful reunion, the quintet prepares for their come back tour and get ready to hit the road again for the first time in 11 years.

Beat TV
Beat TV (1 Series - 10 Episodes, ITV2+30 Other Countries)

Daily magazine broadcast live from London to the world during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Presented by Laura Whitmore, Darren McMullen and Dave Berry, the show features the hottest celebs, athletes and music of the London Olympics.

Kings of Leon: Excess All Areas
Kings of Leon: Excess All Areas (One-off, ITV2)

A unique and intimate portrayal of the rock and roll enigma that is The Kings Of Leon. Mixing never been seen before archive, behind the scenes footage, an intimate concert and revelatory interviews with all four members of the band, the programme was a true celebration of one of the most iconic bands of our generation.

There's No Taste Like Home
There's No Taste Like Home (1 Series - 30 Episodes, ITV)

Every day, our celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo travels to a different part of the country on his food odyssey to discover wonderful main course dishes packed with history.

He takes three local home cooks, and the recipes that have been passed down through their families from generation to generation, out of the home and into a professional kitchen.

Steps Reunion
Steps Reunion (1 Series - 4 Episodes, SKY Living)

Chart-topping 90s pop band, Steps, reunite to discuss their acrimonious split. Capturing the group as they recounted their experiences whilst in Steps, the sentimental, nostalgic and often fiery encounters revealed how the band really felt during their glory years and the dramatic confrontation before the past was truly put behind them.

This is Michael Buble
This is Michael Buble (One-off, ITV2)

In this exclusive fly-on-the-wall documentary, internationally renowned superstar Michael Buble got out from behind the lights and microphone to explore and celebrate the UK whilst on his tour. We got to know the man both on and off-stage and have exclusive access to see him regaling his British fans performing his smash hits on his UK tour.

Party Wars
Party Wars (1 Series - 8 Episodes, SKY Living)

On Party Wars, you’ll be hooked by the extraordinary, unique, imaginative and outrageous party hosts, as they attend and judge each other’s milestones parties. Contestants battle it out to throw the best party and then get rated by each of the other contestants.

The Krypton Factor
The Krypton Factor (2 Series - 21 Episodes, ITV)

One of Britain’s most iconic shows with a 21st century makeover. Living up to its tradition as one of television’s toughest quiz, to become Krypton Factor Champion, contestants have to be smarter, faster and more resilient than ever before.

Cheryl Cole's' Night In
Cheryl Cole's' Night In (One-off, ITV)

Hosted by Holly Willoughby, Cheryl Cole performs songs from her last album and chat with the artists that influenced her, including R..?

Saturday Night Divas
Saturday Night Divas (One-off, ITV)

Hosted by Myleene Klass, on one special night, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis, Jamelia, Natasha Bedingfield and Chaka Khan get together for a music performances to mark the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.